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Lien Waivers

IFF strongly recommends that all providers get lien waivers signed by their contractors for each project they undertake. Lien waivers are documents that are typically exchanged in construction projects and act like a receipt of payment. These waivers are common and best practice for all construction projects and provide you with important legal protection.  

For more information about lien waivers and why they are important, you can watch this 5-minute video.

Here are waiver forms for your contractor to sign:

  • Conditional Final Payment (download here) For when a project is paid in full or the final payment is issued. These waivers are conditional on receipt of payment, and therefore invalid if payment is not ultimately made. Does not require contractor to have payment in hand to sign.
  • Unconditional Final Payment (download here) For payment in full or final progress payment. These waivers are effective and enforceable the moment they are signed, regardless of whether payment is made. Most commonly used when contractor has received payment.